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LLC Trigla

Company TRIGLA was founded in 1992 and now it is the leading company in development and manufacture of the wide range of laboratory instruments and processing equipment for different industries, successfully applied at the companies in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and others. The company has qualified stuff in automation and engaged in design and implementation of the automated process control systems for pulp and paper, woodworking, food, mining, agrarian and other industries.

Our team


Highly skilled support and assistance of our leading specialists contact the office of our company. Our competent and experienced specialists will always help you to reach Your objective applying the best technical solutions.


The philosophy of our company is built on several basic principles:

  • Innovation

    We offer only modern systems, combining design experience of many years and new developments that ensure an increase in production efficiency and product quality.

  • Manufacturability

    We adhere to a systematic approach and from a variety of possible solutions to the problem, we choose only logically based, simple and effective ideas.

  • Professionalism

    Qualified specialists can perform any required task qualitatively and professionally.

  • Partnership

    Working with a client, we do not aspire to receive maximum profit from it as soon as possible and then forget about it, we understand perfectly well that the basis of stability of our company is the availability of regular customers who completely trust you.

Our clients

Our clients — are companies from various fields, markets and themes.