Complex supply of industrial equipment and automation

As a partner of a number of foreign manufacturers, our company carries out direct deliveries of the following groups of equipment.

  • Industrial automation components.
    Programmable logic controllers (PLC), equipment, operator panels, SCADA systems.
  • Process Instruments and Instrumentation.Continuous level and limit level sensors and, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, flow meters, recorders, devices measuring and analyzing liquid.
  • Industrial sensors.Inductive sensors, optical, ultrasonic displacement sensors, vibration sensors and acceleration, encoders, inclinometers.
  • Industrial valves.Frequency converters, soft starters, DC drives, servo motors and gearmotors.
  • Industrial pneumatics.Valves, pneumatic cylinders, and drive, fittings and tubing, vacuum equipment, lubrication and blowing.
  • Industrial hydraulics.Hydraulic pumps, pressure control valves, control valves, hydraulic cylinders.
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