The system is designed to adjust the weight of one square meter of paper products in the longitudinal (machine) direction (MD machine direction).

Adjustment of weight of paper is carried out by means of the operated gram valve (Mass latch). The obtained data of the mass sensor m2 from the quality control system are the input data of the special regulator, according to the law of which the gram valve is controlled. During the operation of the system, the control of the difference between the current and the set weight is constant and continuous.

The algorithm analyzes the difference in weight, and automatically affects the gram valve so that the current weight is as equal as possible to the specified weight, which reduces the amount of shortage of products.

The use of cascade control of the gram valve in the presence of a flow meter is practiced. This circuit is a supplement to the installed quality control system based on a scanning device or bracket.

Order code: TS-PM002.01-00