Laboratory corrugating machine STI-2 is designed for corrugating paper samples with a width of 12.5 mm and 15 mm during testing by the CMT method. Determination of in-plane compression resistance and CCT method. Determination of resistance to end compression, according to GOST 20683-75 and GOST 28686-90.

Laboratory corrugating machine STI-2

The design of the machine uses toothed discs in the form of sectors. The teeth of the discs are made using high-tech manufacturing methods, ensuring that the profile of the sample is of the correct shape and with high accuracy. Small-sized heaters provide quick heating of the disc teeth directly to the operating temperature, and the temperature control system ensures a stable set temperature.

Measuring characteristics of the device:
– The height of the comb teeth, mm: 2.4 ± 0.1;
– Rack teeth height, mm: 4.75 ± 0.05;
– Overall dimensions, mm: 160x880x950;
– Weight, kg, no more: 35;
– number of comb teeth, pcs: 10;
– number of rack teeth, pcs: 9;
– The pitch between the teeth of the comb (rack), mm: 8.5 ± 0.05;
– specimen width, mm: 12.5 – 15.

Order code: TL-PM003.00-00