The Shopper-Riegler CP-2T is designed to determine the degree of grinding of the paper pulp depending on the degree of grinding and the rate of dehydration of the pulp.



The method for determining the degree of grinding is based on different fluid loss of the paper pulp, depending on the degree of grinding and consists in determining the amount of filtered water that has passed through the central and side outlets of the cone during dehydration on the mesh of the device of a fibrous suspension of a certain concentration.

The degree of grinding is determined by the amount of water flowing out through the lateral outlet of the cone, and is expressed in conventional degrees “Shopper-Riegler” at an ambient temperature of 20 ± 5 ° C and a relative humidity of no more than 80% at a temperature of + 25 ° C (category U5 according to GOST 15150-69).

– Limits of measurements of the degree of grinding 4 – 100 0ShR;
– The area of ​​the filtering surface of the mesh is 100 ± 1 cm 2;
– Characteristics of a single mesh OST 81-80-74:
– grid number 40,
– the number of threads on the basis of 1 cm 40 ± 1 pc .;
– the number of threads per weft per 1 cm 25 … 26 pcs.
– the diameter of the base wire is 0.13 ± 0.005 mm;
– “Water number” 8 ± 0.5 sec;
– Overall dimensions 445x250x1280 mm;
– Weight, no more than 2 kg.

Order code: TL-PG002.00-00