The device for testing cardboard for punching “SP-36TM” is designed to determine the value of punching, at which the cardboard is destroyed in accordance with GOST 13525.8-86.
The principle of operation of the device is based on the creation of a smooth increasing overpressure in a chamber filled with glycerin formed by an elastic membrane until the moment at which the sample is clamped is destroyed. The device requires compressed air supply from a general network or an independent compressor.

СП-36 SP-36

– Range of pressure measurement in the hydraulic system of the device, kPa: from 10 to 5000;
– Weight, kg, no more: 32;
– Limits of permissible absolute error of pressure measurement, P: ± (0.05 + 0.01P)
– Average volumetric rate of pumping of the working fluid, cm3 / min: 170 ± 15;
– Sample clamping force, N, not less: 5000.

Order code: TL-PM012.00-00