An infrared drying device (UIS) is installed on the line for the production of paper wallpaper and is designed for final drying of the paper web in the process flow in order to achieve uniform moisture content of the web in the transverse and longitudinal directions.

Control and display cabinet

Brief technical characteristics:
– Maximum power 20 kW;
– Radiation wavelength from 1.3 to 3 microns;
– Three steps of heating power 8 kW, 12 kW, 20 kW;
– The maximum temperature of the heaters is 500 g. FROM;
– The maximum line speed of the line is 200 m / min.

Control and display cabinet

In manual mode, switching the heating power is determined by the operator. It is possible to automatically switch on the heating power depending on the speed of the production line.

work description
The operator selects the heating power in manual mode, then the system works in automatic mode. When the speed of the production line reaches V≥10 m / min., The safety shutter is opened. When the damper is fully opened, it is monitored by the damper position sensors, and when the time t = 5 sec. the power supply of the heaters is turned on.

There are the following types of protection:
– emergency stop of the line;
– emergency stop of the UIS;
– breakage of the canvas;
– gate valve position sensors.