Company TRIGLA is a leading developer and manufacturer in Ukraine on a wide range of laboratory instruments and process equipment for various industries.

Core areas of company is manufacture of devices konrolya for manufacturers of paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, packaging and containers.

Laboratory equipment produced by LLC “Trigla»:

– Press “STI-1MT” for test corrugated cardboard specimens and a flat paper compression resistance and peel corrugated paperboard in accordance with the methods RCT, FCT, CMT, ECT, PAT, CCT;

– Paper and paperboard thickness “TBK-T” to ensure a certain thickness of paper and cardboard respectively GOST 27015-86;

– Paper and cardboard device for pushing test “SP-35TM” and “SP-36TM” designed to determine the value of pushing respectively GOST 13525.8-86;

– Crimping machine “STI-2” designed for corrugating paper sample of width 12.5mm and 15mm when tested by the method of CMT – determination of resistance to compression and planar method FTA – determination of resistance to compression of the end, according to GOST 20683-75 and GOST 28686-90;

– Thickness of corrugated cardboard “TGK-T” is intended to determine the thickness of corrugated cardboard according to GOST 22186-93;

– Portable Moisture Meter “VL-M” works on the principle of infrared absorption. Small dimensions, weight of the device, as well as autonomous power supply you can use it in various conditions of production process. Moisture can be calibrated for 99 different materials, which allows you to control humidity of different materials with an accuracy of better than 0.3% of absolute humidity;

– Carry out samples tests of corrugated (flat) board, careful attention must be paid to the quality of prepared samples. To avoid errors during sample preparation offer tools that can help cut quality, secure samples for test instruments and thus guarantee accuracy of results.

All instruments and equipment of LLC “Trigla” pass the initial verification or certification.