The given control system is designed to control the weight of m2 in the cross direction (CD – cross direction). It is possible to implement the control as a valve for distribution on hydrodynamic headboxes as well as change the geometry “lip” for additional actuators of a different type. Control modes – manual mode of setting the valve

positions (actuator position) and automatic mode of receiving the paper preset to the profile.

Crosswise regulation of vagi m2

Technological control of the headbox expansion valve. Replace the valves for dilution with water by connecting them to an actuator to regulate the gap of the headbox. The interface weather the modules for controlling the actuator from the system and can be used, if necessary, with the necessary unified digital interface.

Crosswise regulation of vagi m2

The Siemens / Mitsubishi / Omron logic controller is the basic element of the process control system. Visualization of the Viconan on SCADA systems WinCC / Citect. Cable products manufactured by LappKabel.

For the automatic reception of a given profile, a ringing link has been set up with the scanning attachments of foreign manufacturers.

Crosswise regulation of vagi m2

As a result of the robotic system of controlling the profile in automatic mode, it is possible to run more efficiently, so that there are not many variations in width.

The period of reclamation of the system in the availability of the complete set of the warehouse is from 6 to 12 months.

Substitution code: TS-PM004.01-00