Paper testing device air permeability “BP-2T”

The device for testing paper for air tightness VP-2 is designed to determine the air permeability of paper in accordance with GOST 13525.14-77.
The principle of operation of the device is to measure the air volume of a sample of paper that has passed through the measuring area, per unit time at a certain vacuum under the sample.

The upper limit of the vacuum index,                                             kPa   1.0

The price of the distribution of the scale of the vacuum index, kPa  0,01

The size of the hole of the annular clamp (when testing narrow strips of paper

with a width of at least 25 mm), mm
-length                                            69,90±0,05

-width                                           15,00±0,05

Overall dimensions, mm            350x250x1122

Weight, kg, no more                    18