The measuring bracket is designed to measure the parameters (weight of 1 m 2, humidity) of the paper web in the flow. The measurement takes place at a specific point. The measuring bracket is used in the production of paper (toilet paper, paper for napkins, etc.) where there are no special requirements for measuring parameters over the entire width of the web.

Staple service

On the bracket, sensors of weight of 1 m2 of cloth and humidity are installed. Linear pneumatic drives from Festo are used as devices for moving the measuring part. The control unit is based on industrial controllers. It is possible, if necessary, to measure or control other parameters. There is an automatic output of sensors for the web during correction and breakage of the web.

Weight measurement specifications:
– measurement of mass by infrared method: 10-150 g / m 2 (error 1.2%);
– measurement of mass by the isotope method: 10-180 g / m 2 (error 0.5%);
– measurement of mass by the isotope method: 80-1000 g / m 2 (error 0.75%);
– moisture measurement: 2-12% (error 0.3%).

The measuring bracket can be completed with radioisotope or infrared sensors of humidity and mass of 1 m 2. When measuring the mass of 1 m 2 with an infrared sensor, the measurement error increases.

Order code: TT-PP002.00-00, TT-PP002.01-00, TT-PP002.03-00