If you have a scanning frame with an outdated electronic / software complex along with the used equipment supplied, then our company can provide a complex of works to restore the quality control system.

This set of works includes the following actions:
– inspection of the measuring frame, belts, sensors;
– replacement of sensors;
– replacement of the drive;
– introduction of system control by means of a control unit on industrial controllers;
– replacement of cable facilities.

After modernization, this system will have:
– modern visualization system;
– modular structure of the system, which will allow for further expansion of the system, the creation of a small process control system at the KDM, integration into the process control system of the KDM and the plant’s process control system;
– modern documentation subsystem;
– regulation of m2 weight and humidity from one control panel;
– the possibility of almost unlimited addition of control panels and indication of the parameters of the scanner and wound up with the CDM;
– integration into the existing network of the enterprise;
– the use of standard solutions at the level of industrial controllers and visualization, which will allow the factory workers to independently make changes, adjustments and improvements to the automated process control system of the KDM;
– warranty and post-warranty service.

It is possible to use an infrared mass sensor as a mass sensor (instead of an isotope one). In this case, the system will acquire a lower accuracy in measuring the weight of m2 and a greater dependence of the measurement readings on the composition of the paper. It is possible preliminary (at the stage of modernization) the laying of an additional reserve of signal inputs / outputs into the system and the subsequent introduction into the system of parameters (steam pressure, headbox pressure, headbox level, steam temperature, level in the composite basin, etc.) with registration in system, archiving in the database and printing (emulation of the recorder). If necessary, it is possible to set up PID regulators in the controller (with a reserve of inputs / outputs) with full diagnostics of operation to maintain the set values. The number of internal PID regulators and signals for registration and control depends on the built-in reserve in the system and in the future may increase both by representatives of Trigla LLC and by trained employees of the enterprise.