Designed to determine the thickness of corrugated cardboard in accordance with GOST 22186-93. The principle of operation is based on measuring the value of the vertical displacement of the measuring rod on which the measuring fifth is fixed when the test sample is introduced between the contact surfaces of the measuring feet. The displacement of the rod is measured by a precision optical sensor, which, in combination with precise manufacturing of mechanical assemblies, provides a measurement error of no more than 0.003 mm over the entire measurement range. The thickness gauge has a manual measurement mode for single measurements and an automatic mode for multiple measurements. From the number of measurements taken, the average value is calculated and displayed.



– Overall dimensions: 165 × 450 × 270 mm;
– Measurement range, mm: from 0 to 10;
– discreteness of measurement of displacement, mm: 0.001;
– Measuring pressure, kPa: 20 ± 0.5;
– Weight, kg, no more: 20;
– Contact area of measuring surfaces, cm²: 10 ± 0.2;
– power, VA, no more: 40;
– Limits of permissible absolute error of thickness measurement, mm: no more than 0.003.

Order code: TL-PF010.00-00 – TGK-T

Technical documentation TGK-T