Heat pumps TNT of the Ukrainian Geowarm vyrobnitstva are prepared from high-quality complementary types of light virobniks.
The proponation of options for 7kW of heat is optimal for a by-run victorian in the possession of warm houses up to 100 sq. M and more, in the deserted area due to the remaining heat-saving systems.

The TNT pump for breaking up and making preparations from the concept of harvesting as a simple by-by-end livelihood, which is located in the boundaries of the permissible parameters of by-end technology. The price of the master is due to the need for an expensive installation of a three-phase line, and the significant increase in the number of possible installation of the pump.

The heat pump TNT is made on the basis of a rotational compressor Toshiba PH 480, which is a vicoriste freon R22, which increases productivity at the same level of energy efficiency.

The pump is made with a monoblock in a sutsil-metal shaf with sizes 1200x800x400. In the design, the smaller overall plate-parts of heat exchangers were considered for the corny of radial-spinal ones, which can be reduced to several times less clogging, like for direct injection into the robustness of the robot and the installation in the given parameters.

The monoblock is a self-sufficient power unit with a closed freon circuit, which is equipped with a pump for circulating heat in a cold circuit. Such a design allows the development of the water (soil) -water circuit, the warmth of the earth, as well as the power-water circuit, the original energy-saving heat exchangers. These heat exchangers are absolutely noiseless, there are no fragments of rugged parts in them.

More report parameters are indicated in the data sheet, such as and clarification of the price can be sent by mail or by phone.