Implementation of this phase is carried out on the basis of technical specifications for the design automation systems, previously agreed with the customer, which is being prepared during the examination of the object of automation and the development of technical and commercial proposals PCS implementation.

Future management system type (multilevel distributed or local), depending on the complexity of the automation object.

Determined the necessary level of control, management, regulation, the nomenclature of the process equipment.

Control system design contains few following steps:

– Control system design at instrumentation level of field equipment (development of automation functional circuits, determining location of the sensors, types, as well as actuators, development of structural scheme of complex automation concepts for control cabinets, development schemes of external transactions with the image plan trails);

– Control system design at information primary processing, making the control signal actuators (choice of controllers types, as well as their configuration, development of ACS algorithms, programming controllers);

– Control system design at operator stations level and industrial data exchange networks (creation of the automated workplaces (AWP), design of local area networks (LANs), development of application software for operator stations, choice of equipment for production servers and networks).

Automation system formed infrastructure PCS:

– Corporate network segment;
– Industry data exchange network;
– Information and computer systems process control;
– Systems process data and store;
– Complexes displaying information;
– Application software SCADA.

Manufacturing, complete automation supply for cabinets (power converters, control) for serial (not serial) cases, according to the project PCS customer, or according to our process control system project carried out according to the technical and design documentation.

Shells used shields have a degree of dust and moisture protection at least IP-54 in closed session in accordance with GOST 14254-96. Control panels assembly made on basis of domestic or imported components PCS (relays, magnetic starters, circuit breakers).