Description of the technological object:
The technological object is an electronic production accounting system on a paper machine (hereinafter the documenting system).

Diagram of the network

This system is designed to view graphs of changes in parameters (weight, humidity, roll speed, paper machine, steam pressure, etc.) for a certain period during a year (or more time), statistical processing of data for a period (shift, day, week , month, quarter, year), receipt of reports in printed and electronic forms.

Technical solution:
SQL server of Microsoft firm is used as information storage.
The installation of the system involves connection to the general network of the factory. The advantage of this implementation is the fatigue that information can be accessed by several computers on the factory network at the same time. In the future, the implementation of the system will allow connecting to itself other parameters that will be brought into one of the Trigla systems.
The use of standard components and software from well-known manufacturers will allow an ordinary system administrator to maintain the system, if necessary.

Network diagram

Results and effect of implementation:
The result of the introduction of a system for documenting technological parameters is a detailed analysis of the work of paper machines, analysis of the time and reasons for the release of defective products, clarifications on the quality of work of both specific equipment and paper machines as a whole, which can serve as documentary evidence in “disputable” cases.
PM work statistics available via the Internet (optional) will allow you to quickly respond to emerging “force majeure” situations.
The payback period for the implementation of the system, depending on the configuration, will be from 1 to 3 months.

Order code: TS-PM008.01-00