One of Trigla’s products is the deployment of a global documenting system in an enterprise.

This system will allow you to revise the graphs of changing the parameters for a certain period during the year (or more time), to carry out statistical processing of data for the period (shift, day, week, month, quarter, year), will provide the opportunity to receive reports in printed and electronic forms. The installation of the system involves connection to the general network of the factory.

The advantage of this implementation is that information can be accessed by several computers on the factory network at the same time. In the future, the implementation of the system will allow you to connect to itself other parameters that will be brought into one of the systems.

The following technologies are used in the implementation of the project: OPC, WEB, SQL, FireWall, NET, ASP.NET, C #, CRM.

Global documentation system

Advantages of the proposed system in comparison with electronic paperless recorders:

The proposed systemPaperless Recorder
(e.g. Endress + Hauzer Ecograph T)
Number of entered parametersalmost any, always extensiblelimited by the possibility of the recorder 6 pcs., non-expandable
Type of parameters enteredany discrete / analog (both input / output signals and internal variables)only incoming or outgoing physical signals
Data transferEthernetEthernet
Saving dataSQL server with manual / automatic savingCompactFlash card
ConnectionEthernetPhysical reconnection of signals
Access to dataCMS system with access to the database through ASP.NET, authorization, modules are deployedInternal Web server, non-extensible configuration