Quality control system for paper web during its production – control of the transverse and longitudinal profile of the mass of 1 m2, impact and ash content.

The purpose of the system installation:
– ensuring the operation of the paper-making machine in the optimal technological mode;
– control and automatic regulation of the main parameters of the paper web in accordance with the specified specifications;
– reducing the cost of paper production by minimizing production defects;
– increasing the efficiency of the paper machine;
– reducing the consumption of raw materials, due to the release of paper web with the maximum height and minimum weight;
– ensuring the possibility of creating an automated process control system for paper machines on the basis of a quality control system.

The main functions of the system system:
– Measurement of the current parameters of paper in the longitudinal and transverse directions (weight 1 m2, moisture)
– Graph of changes in paper parameters (weight 1 m2, moisture content) across the width of the web (transverse profile);
– Graph of changes in paper parameters (weight 1 m2, moisture content) along the length of the web (longitudinal trend)
– Measurement of the width of the web;
– Measuring the speed of the car;
– Accounting for the number of vestibules, weight and footage of vestibules;
– Various alarms for the measured parameters going beyond the limits;
– Archiving of system parameters by means of viewing.

Expansion of the quality control system
The system can be easily expanded with additional I / O modules, which allows you to quickly and cost-effectively carry out the necessary work.
The system can be expanded with subsystems and circuits:
Automatic weight adjustment (Massenet control of the damper according to a given algorithm)
– ACS TP by grinding and preparatory department RPO;
– automatic control of the steam condensate system PPS;
– automatic maintenance of the level in the headbox and visualization of current values ​​at the operator’s station;
– complex for automatic regulation of average density of paper pulp with visualization and setting of parameters from the operator’s station;
– documentation system using remote access via the Internet.
The use of standard modules and components allows making the expansion of the quality control system practically limitless, and the openness will allow integrating into the automated process control system of paper machines to improve the quality of the overall output.