With long-term storage of grain, the issues of measuring and controlling its temperature come to the fore, since due to the effect of self-heating, when the temperature rises above a certain value, the grain is damaged, which leads to losses.

Our implementation of the thermometry system organizes digital thermal suspensions into a single network for measuring the temperature of grain in all silos of a grain storage or elevator. For this, the thermal suspensions are connected to special data collection units, which form, on the basis of the RS-485 interface, which is currently recognized as an industrial standard, a single network with the output of information about the grain temperature and the state of thermal suspensions to the operator’s personal computer. Thanks to convenient software, it is configured individually for each grain storage, you can quickly control the current temperature and the rate of change in the temperature of the grain.

General view of thermometry

The system poll time is not more than 1 minute (the obtained value is indicated for 30 silos with an average number of suspensions of 8 per silo). The equipment can be equipped with pendants and modules for collecting information both of its own production and connection to existing ones.

Silo temperatures

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