Сompany “Trigla” has developed and implemented a number of projects at the enterprises in paper industry:

– Quality control system of paper machine (PM) on basis of the measuring bracket;

Measuring bracket is similar to C-frame designed to measure mass and moisture content of paper web in the flow. Measurement occurs at a point.

It is used in the production of various kinds of paper, where there are special requirements for measurements of parameters along the entire length of the web.

– Quality control system of PM-based scanning device;
The quality control system based on scanning device designed to measure paper web (weight of 1 m 2, moisture, ash, thickness, transparency) in stream process across the width of the paper web. The scanning device an O-shaped frame with the carriage transducers.

– Complex regulation average of pulp concentration “CDCC”;
System designed for controlling pulp concentration from 1.5 to 4.5%.

– Control damper mass “3M”;
Shutter designed to control the flow of pulp, as well as fibrous suspensions, such as a continuous mass flow control on paper machine.

– Moisture of universal in stream process “IPB-O”;

Moisture versatile IPB-O is designed for non-contact measurement of moisture paper content, paperboard, bulk materials, chips, chip, chipboard, fiberboard, animal feed, pulp, etc. Moisture can operate autonomously and be integrated into other process control system.